Michelle Joseph

Past TLS Student, Pharmacy

U of T does have a warm heart, and this heart is TLS, embodied in James and Collin Nguyen. It's where I first came to belong, where I found the courage to keep fighting for my hopes and dreams...


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Our work is dictated by our core values: integrity, hard work & passion. The TLS student network is truly vast and spans all corners of the globe.

With over 30,000 past students in attendance from 108 countries, the TLS community is connected and stronger than ever.  

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CHM138H1, MAT135Y1

Starting University was a tough transition for... (read more)

CHM 138H1, MAT135Y1

My only regret in being a part of TLS is... (read more)

MAT 135Y1

The Toronto Life Sciences Group saved my life... (read more)

MAT135Y1, CHM138H1

The rocky transition from high school to university is always... (read more)

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Coming out of high school with a poor background in... (read more)

CHM 138H1, MAT 135Y1

I began my first year at the University of Toronto taking a... (read more)

CHM 138H1, MAT 135Y1

My name is Fei and I attended CHM138 and... (read more)


The Toronto Life Sciences Group saved my life... (read more)


Considering how easy MAT 135 looks at the beginning... (read more)

CHM 138H1, MAT135Y1

Coming to U of T and graduating high school at the... (read more)

MAT 135Y1, CHM138H1

Like many people who came into Life Science, the big goal... (read more)

CHM138H1, MAT135Y1

Attending the CHM138 and MAT135 seminars at TLS truly... (read more)

CHM 138H1, MAT135Y1

On my first day at the University of Toronto I was so... (read more)

CHM 138H1, MAT135Y1

When I first came to U of T, I already knew I was going to be... (read more)

MAT 135Y1

I rate James as an excellent teacher. His strategies... (read more)

MAT 135Y1

There are gonna be 3 things that you will love, first, the study... (read more)


When I first came to University, everything was very... (read more)


I took a year off from school after high school before starting... (read more)

MAT 135Y1

The Toronto Life Sciences Group helped me achieve a great... (read more)

MAT135Y1, CHM138H1

TLS was a real life saver in my first year! When I first started... (read more)

MAT 135Y1

I entered U of T as a mature student following several years... (read more)

CHM138H1, MAT 135Y1

I stepped into U of T knowing it would be a challenge... (read more)


TLifeSci is awesome! I'm a third year Life Science student... (read more)

CHM138H1, MAT135Y1

When I came to U of T as a first year life science student, I had... (read more)

CHM 138H1

The tutors from The Toronto Life Sciences Group helped me... (read more)

MAT135Y1, CHM138H1

I have attended both James' MAT135 and Collin's CHM138... (read more)

CHM138H1, MAT135Y1

Coming into university I was pretty intimidated by the idea... (read more)


To all Life Science students attending the University of Toronto... (read more)

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