Victoria Marshman

CHM138H1, MAT135Y1

Starting University was a tough transition for me. I had taken a year off school to work and pursue other activities. Coming back to school at such a demanding program at the University of Toronto was far from easy. The workload was overwhelming and classes were too big for me to really grasp some of the important concepts. I thought I could figure it all out by myself but after the first couple of months of school I decided I needed some help. I first came upon TLS for organic chemistry help with Collin Nguyen and I immediately started to do better in the course. Collin made things easy to understand and helped me feel prepared and ready for exams. I went from 60% in the first mid-term to a 90% in the second mid-term. I also took the TLS course from James Nguyen for calculus for the winter semester and again I saw a huge improvement in my marks. Not only was I doing better in school with the help that TLS offered, I was meeting new people that were going to TLS whom have become good friends of mine. Collin and James Nguyen are both inspirational and engaging teachers. They are individuals I look up to as role models and their academic advice for the future has been overwhelmingly helpful. My first year of University would not have gone so well without the help and advice that Collin and James provided.