Tiago Real

CHM 138H1, MAT135Y1

On my first day at the University of Toronto I was so happy and excited to be there and learning from some of the best professors in the country. Soon that all changed and I became very depressed and emotional with every dismal test I got back. Soon I started seeking extra help and assistance from many organizations at U of T, but none of them seem to fit my learning style. It requires time and patience for me to learn something new. One day I came across a TLifeSci bulletin offering assistance on the upcoming MAT135 midterm, desperate I attended the seminar. After my first hour, I was so relieved that I finally found an instructor that was patient and very understanding of the learning speeds of different people. I left the seminar with confidence that I could succeed at U of T if I really did buckle down. Throughout the year I attended every seminar that Collin and James taught. I even became a recognizable face that both instructors knew me by my name. My marks improved drastically. I know if it were not for the TLifeSci family, I know that I could not say today that I am still a U of T student.