Ryan Khan

MAT135Y1, CHM138H1

I have attended both James' MAT135 and Collin's CHM138 sessions during my first year at U of T and have greatly benefitted from both these sessions. The biggest difference between high school and University tests was that in University a lot of the questions were application based. Hence even though the concepts may have been taught during lecture briefly, the test questions were usually a lot more intimidating compared to the examples given in class or in the textbook. This is where I found the true value in James' and Collin's sessions.

Both of them clarified the concepts using simple examples, but then they went the extra step to show you how these examples can be applied to more difficult questions using examples from past tests. They taught us to systematically break down these problems so that they were no longer overwhelming and the repetitive use of examples made the test questions seem relatively simple. It was finding these trends between questions and the ability to apply material learnt from simple examples to very complicated ones that benefited my thinking the most and I am grateful to James and Collin for helping me to develop this skill.

Additionally, not only did they make it a great study session, but Collin and James created a relaxed atmosphere in which it was fun to learn by inserting their great sense of humour throughout the session as well as offering great advice to motivate a lot of us who's spirits had initially been dimmed by U of T. Moreover, they were always approachable to anybody who had questions no matter how basic, usually staying well after sessions to help people until the building closed down (I know, I was there... lol)! Overall, I believe the sessions offered by TLS helped me in my transition to first year by offering me an effective study strategy in order to cope with the rising expectations of a U of T Student and I would recommend it to anyone no matter what your skill level or goals are!