Randal David


To all Life Science students attending the University of Toronto, I, am currently a 2nd year student, thought that one could survive CHM138 without any extra help sessions and that by simply going to class, doing the homework and studying from the textbook would be enough to achieve a good mark on the midterms. I remember seeing the fliers being handed out thinking that I didn't need The Toronto Life Sciences Group. I was totally wrong, nearly completely failing the first test. U of T is unlike any other university, the level of difficulty between the homework and the tests are staggering. However, I didn't make the same mistake twice. After going to The Toronto Life Sciences Group, I learnt quite a lot. Collin is a fabulous tutor and an extraordinary person. In some cases, I learnt more from him than I did in lecture! His method of teaching really hones in on the types of questions that show up on midterms. Very enthusiastic, funny, and makes chemistry really simple. He is also very knowledgeable to those who have questions about graduate school. If it wasn't for The Toronto Life Sciences Group, I wouldn't have passed the course, and it is definitely better than the other prep sessions on campus. I highly recommend The Toronto Life Sciences Group. Don't make the same mistake I did.