Mike Fiorillo

MAT 135Y1

I entered U of T as a mature student following several years of absence from academic study. I was quite aware that pursuing a degree in the sciences would be a challenging endeavour. As soon as I started MAT135 I decided to contact The Toronto Life Sciences Group to help me improve my math skills and prepare me for my term tests and exams. It turns out that I made an excellent choice; James helped me solidify my understanding of the concepts behind the math, and taught me how to tackle challenging problems in an easy to understand and manageable way. James' taught me how to study more efficiently for MAT135 and helped me zone in on the most important material. I found it highly beneficial to regularly meet with James as the course progressed in addition to attending The Toronto Life Science Group test preparation sessions held throughout the year. Thanks to James and The Toronto Life Sciences Group I achieved an impressive grade in MAT135, and I've now set my sights on the neuroscience specialist program.