Michelle Joseph

CHM 138H1, MAT135Y1

My only regret in being a part of TLS is that I didn't join until halfway through my first year. Had I joined earlier, I would not have had to face so many trials and hardships alone. U of T prides itself on its excellence, despite, or perhaps due to its cold attitude towards its undergrads. Courses are the toughest of any university; forget high school and the bright fluffy clouds on which you floated. At U of T you are reborn; suddenly your clouds have broken apart and you are falling. Whether you splatter or hit the ground running is up to you.

At first, the monetary cost and the risk of being cheated of my money's worth prevented me from seeking out much needed help from any tutoring group. Besides, I had been learning on my own for so long, my pride also got in the way. But then the workload became too much, the concepts began hitting me too hard and fast. Things began unravelling at an extraordinary rate. So I decided to give TLS a try. A decision that saved me.

At TLS, unlike at other tutoring groups, there is no disdain, no condescension. You come to learn, and Collin and James dedicate themselves to teaching you. Effortlessly they will explain, in a few hours, the whole course from beginning to end. Their teaching is genius: it solidifies what you may know, it fills in what you may not, and then it wraps the course all together so that your mind is able to picture how everything interconnects. You will be astounded by how clear your thinking is, how wonderfully easy it is to manipulate the concepts and ideas that were once so elusive, to solve any problem. Collin and James' communicate so that words do not get in the way; instead their full meaning hits you and sticks with you. Just the TLS study packages alone are worth more than all your lectures notes, homework problems and textbooks combined.

Their teaching is a catalyst for your learning. Without it, you may waste days trying to master one concept. A few hours learning with them and you will have mastered them all. And then you will see your marks begin to soar.

James and Collin are two of the most brilliant and yet the most humble people you could meet. What sets TLS apart is that they actually care about each and every one of their students.

U of T does have a warm heart, and this heart is TLS, embodied in James and Collin Nguyen. It's where I first came to belong, where I found the courage to keep fighting for my hopes and dreams.