Marta Madzelan


Coming out of high school with a poor background in math, I attended James' sessions since the beginning. Truthfully, at the first session I expected the instructor to do word by word citations from the textbook (which were confusing enough), and in other words, pointless. But being the instructor he is, James didn't even give me a chance to panic about midterms or the final. Having been through the struggle of first year himself and with the many years of teaching experience, James knew what material to focus on most and organized it so well in his study packages that I left my math textbook untouched for the rest of the year and entered each exam with confidence. A concept that may have took a professor 3 lectures to teach was explained step by step in 20min, no matter how far behind in the course you were.

As I continued to attend the sessions, I saw that James adapted to the needs of each new set of students, making sure everyone understood the material and always adding in some humour that will put a smile on your face no matter how stressed you are! So whether you want to achieve that 100% or just looking to pass, James makes it possible by solving every question you throw at him and more importantly, making sure you understand his answer. Not only did he exceed my expectations as an instructor and mentor but by the end of the year I was able to maintain an A in math.