Mackenzie Hui

CHM138H1, MAT 135Y1

I stepped into U of T knowing it would be a challenge, but I thought I was going to be okay as long as I worked hard and persevered. I was wrong. After struggling through my first midterm, I knew I needed help. I set out to try all of the popular tutoring groups offered on campus, and instantly recognized that TLS was like no other. The quality of the instructors, namely James T. Nguyen and Collin T. Nguyen, was undeniably incredible, and I was absolutely floored after attending their first seminars. Collin literally deciphered CHM138 for me, and James' touch made MAT135 like high school math all over again! I didn't think it could be possible, but with their guidance, I saw a 30% jump in my CHM138 midterm marks, and all of a sudden, achieving a 4.0 in MAT135 was very much attainable!

With each seminar, James and Collin customize their own study packages, highlighting the most important concepts, offering effective summaries, and providing us with plenty of relevant practice examples/ problems. Most amazing of all is the way James and Collin deliver the material, bringing the most essential messages home to you efficiently and unforgettably. I was also ecstatic to see exam questions to be exact replicas of the examples found in our study packages and continuously emphasized at the TLS seminars!

To me, James and Collin are two very dedicated and genuinely caring souls who do not treat TLS as a job where they merely come in to teach us, but as their responsibility to look after us and to help us succeed. Throughout first year, James, Collin, and the rest of the TLS team has been an immense part of my support system, both academically and emotionally. Also, I will never forget the precious and everlasting friendships that were developed right here at TLS. Thank You! =)