Kushbu Loyal

CHM138H1, MAT135Y1

TLifeSci is awesome! I'm a third year Life Science student who took chm138 seminars with TLifeSci. The seminars were informative and well-paced. The information was very useful and taught in a clear-cut manner. I would give a 4.0 (Utoronto GPA scale) to the information presented in the seminars and the way it was presented. The packages contained vital concepts, clear examples, many practice problems at a level of testable significance - not to mention previous term tests which we all yearn for, all with solutions.

The instructors and administration staff was approachable and friendly - whether it was Collin's laid back yet very amiable personality, James and his charming smile at the door, or Kimberley with her more than timely responses to any questions in terms of registration. The staff had much knowledge to offer, many experiences to share - not to mention the fact that their overall enthusiasm towards the courses taught was downright contagious! I could not help but love chemistry during the seminars - which was usually very rare! At the University of Toronto, with its high level of expectations, it is hard to come across such a group of understanding and helpful individuals with such a vast variety of information to offer, who on top of all that, are willing to go out of their way to help a fellow student out. I would give an A++ to the overall attitude and nature of everyone I encountered at TLifeSci.

For first and even second year students, I would definitely recommend these seminars, they explain the most important concepts, clear out any ambiguous topics as presented in lectures in terms of what is actually tested on and important to know for tests. I detested and utterly dreaded the simple THOUGHT of chemistry before taking these seminars, but by the end Collin had me fall in love with chemistry and actually enjoy myself while doing practice problems - his infatuation with Bromine was, as I said before, CONTAGIOUS! A definite must-take-seminar!!