Kousha Azimi

MAT135Y1, CHM138H1

TLS was a real life saver in my first year! When I first started university, I felt that I could just fly by like I did in high school. Ignoring the huge course load and adapting to the five courses in a semester, I screwed up my first set of term tests. I realized that I hadn`t expected to be tested on things I hadn`t really learned. That's when I started attending James and Collin's MAT135 and CHM138 seminars. They were both there to help and taught me both academic and real life lessons. They not only told us what to expect from exams, but we also learned how to approach problems and go about learning new material, which meant a lot more and I feel is more beneficial than just acing tests blindly. James and Collin are both great professors, and more importantly, they are amazing people. They are friendly, approachable and willing to answer questions and give awesome advice. More than anything else this year, I learned never to give up, and to keep going until the very end. I recommend TLS to all Life Science students; joining TLS was one the highlights of my first year and I want to thank James and Collin for helping to make it a fruitful one!