Ioana Caracas

CHM 138H1

The tutors from The Toronto Life Sciences Group helped me understand the material for CHM138 and CHM139. They are well prepared, they can answer just about any misunderstandings you might have about the material, and they take their time to explain concepts over and over again until everyone feels reassured. Collin especially relieves us from all the test preparation stress because he makes sure we know the tricks that professors would not necessarily spend time explaining. He creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere by encouraging us to become friends and help each other in the future. Collin carefully goes through problem sets and encourages us to answer questions in class to get a more in-depth perception of the material. He also shows interest in what we plan on pursuing and gives us helpful hints about how to do that.

I strongly believe that anyone who has any kind of problem with course materials from chemistry, math or any other course, that they should seek help from a well educated group who are there to help you, assist you and who also like to get to know you.