Fei He

CHM 138H1, MAT 135Y1

My name is Fei and I attended CHM138 and CHM139 test and exam preparation programs offered by The Toronto Life Sciences Group. I would have to say taking these courses was probably one of the best decisions I made in my first year as they were very helpful in the improvement of my grades. The programs not only goes over all the possible sections and types of questions that may appear on the tests, but highlights the difficult questions and tricks as well. All of this valuable material are assembled in a package prepared by my favourite instructors on campus, Collin and James, who thoroughly go over all the details and questions in class. This package is paired with collection of past tests and all of their correct solutions, which are vital for test preparation. What is unique about this program is the patience and spirit in the instructors; they really go the extra mile to ensure that every student is confident and ready for every test. On top of that, Collin and James constantly motivate their students to work hard for higher achievements. The Toronto Life Sciences Group is one program that future students must take!