David Scholls

CHM138H1, MAT135Y1

Coming into university I was pretty intimidated by the idea of university. The first few months were quite deceiving; I thought that because I could do the homework that I would be okay on the term tests and exams. However, after my first CHM 138 test I quickly realized that I had to rethink my study techniques and try something different. It isn't always that you don't understand the concepts of the courses, often times at U of T you can understand the concepts but just not know how to write the tests because of their different structures. Not only did TLS teach the material from start to finish, it most importantly prepared you for how the test would be written and what you should expect going into the test.

This gave me lots of confidence when walking into the test room and I did great from then on after starting TLS sessions. The booklets they hand out each session are arguably more helpful than the text book and your professor combined. These booklets contain the most important examples from past tests from years past. If you master James and Collins' booklets, you can be confident going into the test that you will achieve a fantastic mark. I promise you that these courses will boost your understanding, knowledge, and ultimately your marks. James and Collin are probably the best people I know. They truly care about each and every person who enters their courses and really want everyone to do their best.

Besides their compassion, James and Collin provided me with great advice as to what to do in my future at U of T and continue to be a great source of support and inspiration to me to do great things in the future. I would recommend TLS to anyone regardless of their mark, it is helpful to all who attend it. I attribute a large portion of my success in first year to James and Collin and I appreciate it more than words can describe.
Thanks for a great year James and Collin! See you around.