Daniel Anstett


Considering how easy MAT 135 looks at the beginning, I thought the course was a bit of a joke. I did not take the course that seriously until I did badly on Term Test I and II. I came back and got A's in the rest of the course, but it wouldn't have been possible without The Toronto Life Sciences Group. Their weekly sessions are a lifeline! They ensure you understand the basics right from the beginning. The large sessions are great for learning how to conquer the difficult questions. The study package is 20 times more useful than the text book. It cuts out all the useless crap and gets to the real material. Then it brings out TONS of exam questions to practice. (It's CRUCIAL to do it from cover to cover!)

James will breakdown the material, efficiently help build the basics, and then teach all the advanced "tricks" that will help beat Lam's infamous "last question." The lessons will be punctuated by jokes and really helpful advice. I would choose The Toronto Life Sciences over all the other groups on campus any day. The Toronto Life Sciences Group is 10 times better. If you are worried about the cost, we are already spending thousands for tuition, a little bit more, will help you get a much better mark.