Daniel Alder


I took a year off from school after high school before starting university, so I knew that my math was going to be a little rusty. A friend of mine recommended that I go to The Toronto Life Sciences Group. I originally thought that this was going to be a scam because I had been to ECOMAN and that was a huge scam. However, after my first session with The Toronto Life Sciences Group, I realized that this was no scam. James is a highly qualified, enthusiastic and patient instructor. He taught us exactly what we needed to know for the tests/exam, and was always flexible to spend more time in one area or another depending on what the students' needs were. And on top of all that, he was really funny and always motivated his students to succeed. In the sessions, he made sure to cover all types of problems, and the past tests which each student gets is an invaluable resource when studying. With The Toronto Life Sciences Group's help, I was able to finish MAT135Y with 80%!