Caitlin Chrystoja

CHM138H1, MAT135Y1

I began my first year at the University of Toronto taking a full 5.0 course load and struggling to attend all of my classes and finish all my homework on time. I shortly after pledged and was initiated into a sorority. At my chemistry and calculus lectures, I found that the amount of information was immense, difficult to understand in the manner in which it was presented, and the lecturers weren't clear with explaining their concepts. Outside of my lecture classrooms, I was given flyers for various preparatory groups, including TLS. I decided based on my schedule to attend ULife, for their chemistry seminar. I was disappointed. The information provided gave me a basic level of understanding, going nowhere near comprehensive enough to ace any university level tests. The information was presented in a disorganized manner, the teacher wasn't charismatic nor effective, and their packages only contained the very basics of what you need to know for the tests. My first chemistry test was a disappointment, ULIife taught me the basics to pass, but not to excel.

I decided then to try TLS for my next test, this time for calculus. The difference couldn't be more profound. I found James, and Collin when I later attended his seminars, to be one of the best speakers I've ever heard. He was captivating as a speaker, and clearly explained every concept, starting at the basics and working up to the most advanced. The packages TLS provides, in addition to many years of past tests with full solutions, were the most effective study aid I've ever used, and in fact, the only one I ever used. My first calculus test I scored a 94%.

My goal during first year was to score high grades and maintain a very active social life. Not only were the TLS lectures and packages they provide the perfect complement to lecture notes and textbook problems, I found they were a perfect substitute. After I started attending TLS seminars, I found lectures, textbook readings and problem sets pointless. Ten minutes with James or Collin explaining any concept was more than equivalent to an hour with the professor lecturing. James and Collin thoroughly go over all problems ranging in difficulty from the easiest to the hardest, thoroughly preparing you for your tests. Lectures, textbook problem sets, and tutorials don't provide examples and questions anywhere near the level of difficulty the problems are on the test. That's why I went to TLS. With Collin and James' exceptional teaching and assistance, I finished calculus with a 4.0 and organic chemistry with a 3.7, and my social life completely intact.