Aria Bassiri

CHM 138H1, MAT135Y1

Coming to U of T and graduating high school at the top of my class I felt that there was no challenge that I couldn't overcome. I started the year with a great attitude and had high expectations of myself. That was until classes started and I started going to them. The classes got progressively harder and harder. They got to a point where I just found myself just copying the questions and the solutions for MAT135 and just filling in the slides for CHM138. No matter how many times I read over them I was still lost. I found that the professors just wanted to get through the material and they didn't care if they had students not knowing what was going on. The closer I got to the test I got more stressed that was until I got the flyers for MAT135 and CHM138. I thought that I should give them a shot. I mean what did I have to lose, the first seminar was free and it was a chance for me to catch up. So I went to the seminars and it was the best decision I have made in my university career so far.

The second the seminars start both James and Collin try to calm the students down because almost everyone is in the same situation, lost and confused. They start from the basics and cover everything without missing anything. They teach you things that you need to know for the tests and exam. They are both very thorough in their explanation and unlike U of T professors make sure that everyone in the seminar know what is going on. James and Collin give you other valuable information about professional schools and the courses you should take. They lighten your path and make it easier for you to survive at U of T and achieve your goals. James and Collin are both very caring, enthusiastic, friendly, funny, and helpful. They are the reason I am so confident and anxious to continue my university career.

The thing that separates TLS from other help sessions is that the instructors care and they try to provide as much information they can so they students can be successful. A lot of my friends tried the other help sessions but looking at their study packages and notes they are not as thorough and helpful as the ones at TLS and surely they do not give the same results.

I could ramble on and on but the only way you could understand how helpful these seminars are, is to go yourself and experience it. Go to the first session and see the difference. I'll GIVE YOU MY WORD THAT YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.