Annisa Kwok

MAT135Y1, CHM138H1

The rocky transition from high school to university is always rather difficult for even the most prepared student. With The Toronto Life Sciences (TLS) Group, this transition is guaranteed to be a smooth one. Over the course of this year, TLS has become my second home here at U of T. The best decision that I ever made, thus far was to attend all of Collin's CHM 138 seminars along with James' MAT 135 seminars in addition to the weekly tutoring groups. As for chemistry, I've witnessed a substantial 30% increase with Collin's unconditional help and unwavering dedication. I was certainly pleased with my achievement in both courses and was shocked to see my final mark on ROSI.

TLS remains the first, most popular choice on campus by a clear margin because of both Collin and James and their ability to eloquently deliver and demonstrate their mastery of their respective subjects. They both help to establish the basic, fundamental skills but also strive to attack the hardest test and exam questions, where the bulk of your mark comes from. I vividly recall the dissatisfaction and utter disappointment of some of my friends' choices of attending other tutoring groups.

Personally, TLS has offered a remarkable learning experience for me. Anyone can teach math and chemistry, but not everyone can teach it "this well" to a point where no single adjective is suffice to describe what TLS has to truly offer. You really have to see it and experience it first hand to believe it. The main difference here at TLS is that both Collin and James put over 150% into everything they do. After the first four hours of any Nguyen brother, there is absolutely no way for any sane person to not attend all the rest of their seminars and walk out each one with a smile plastered on their face. James has taught the many challenges and wonders of math to perfection and Collin has mastered the art of organic chemistry above and beyond.

Academic life here at U of T can sometimes be quite a challenge. TLS has offered countless opportunities for me to not only strive for better academic achievements, but also to meet some incredibly inspirational individuals from all walks of life. TLS certainly has instilled a great degree of optimism and reinforced the notion of perseverance. I have definitely learned a lot from both Nguyen brothers, they both are truly wonderful role models for everyone. TLS study packages will not disappoint you. The positive environment of TLS will not disappoint you. Your decision to attend TLS will not disappoint you. The time spent in the seminars will not disappoint you. Your marks after attending TLS certainly will not disappoint you but most importantly, James and Collin will never disappoint you.