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At TLS, it's all about being inspired by a history of achievements to transform your potential into achievements that can make a difference in your career.

Where Inspiration Lives.

Our instructors are a window into the vibrancy, energy, passion and excitement at The Toronto Life Sciences Group. They are a rich diversity of people, talents, opinions and perspectives.

Like the rest of our staff at TLS, they are dedicated to their students first and united in their ambition to ensure that the service we offer is the best it can possibly be.

Their credentials far exceed student expectations, but most impressively their teaching methods have been described as Absolute Perfection.

Dr. James K. Li PhD

Jim Morfea BASc

Dr. James Nguyen DDS

Dr. M Salvador PhD

Dr. Collin Nguyen MD

Dr. Alin Cheran MD

Virlana Shchuka PhD


‍‍‍‍‍‍Dr. Paris Lai MD‍‍‍

Dr. Ruby Sullan PhD

Alethea Lee BSc


Yota Ohashi BSc


Anna Pan MSc


Toshi Kawamata BSc


Chirag Vaswani BSc


Gavin Mohan MSc

Dr. Parisa Hudson PhD

Brigitte Vit‍‍‍ali  

‍‍‍‍‍‍(Head Manag‍‍‍er)

Molly Yang‍‍‍  


‍‍‍‍‍‍Pragya V‍‍‍aid  


Aren Perera  


Terry S‍‍‍a

Our staff members are our greatest strength and play a vital role in ensuring that TLS seminars continue to provide the highest value to the student community. They are university students and professionals from all walks of life.

Some are undergraduates, others in professional programs such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Law or Business School.

Having gone through the struggles of university life they know first hand what

it takes to be successful.

Staff & Volunteers

‍‍‍Nidaa R‍‍‍asheed

‍‍‍Dav‍‍‍id Kwong

Ch‍‍‍erish Shan

‍‍‍Sofia‍‍‍ Massin


‍‍‍Jess‍‍‍e Li

Joey Hwang

Angelo Roccosanto

Alfred M‍‍‍aluach

Gordo‍‍‍n Yao

Denis Seli‍‍‍movic

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Hamzah Khan


‍‍‍Samantha ‍‍‍Bulchand

Ani‍‍‍ta Woo

Lisa Liu

‍‍‍    Omar Ka‍‍‍nny

‍‍‍Katie‍‍‍ Kong

‍‍‍      Cathy ‍‍‍Chu

‍‍‍     Sari‍‍‍ta Bhukal

   Mazen El-Kurdi

‍‍‍   Sophia Chi‍‍‍menti

‍‍‍  Julia‍‍‍na Lee

‍‍‍ Monica ‍‍‍Wang

‍‍‍Kelly Zh‍‍‍ou

Nina Fi‍‍‍nkhouse

Wenjun Deng

‍‍‍Hanatu ‍‍‍Tak

‍‍‍Deeana O‍‍‍u

‍‍‍Rich‍‍‍ard Phung

‍‍‍M‍‍‍aggie Xiao

‍‍‍Sally K‍‍‍ing

‍‍‍Etri Ko‍‍‍caqi

‍‍‍Iris M‍‍‍a

April S‍‍‍antos

Nikita Ne‍‍‍wman

Sabrina Allarakhia

‍‍‍Amand‍‍‍a Lin

‍‍‍M‍‍‍elinda Fan

‍‍‍Gerald She‍‍‍n

‍‍‍‍‍‍He‍‍‍len Yang

‍‍‍Sarah Alla‍‍‍rakhia