Our Term Test & Exam Analysis Seminars are the most

comprehensive and robust on campus.

All seminars include:

4 Unique Services


Instructional Sessions

Part 1 (4 Hours)

Part 2 (4 Hours)

Part 3 (4 Hours) - specific to exam seminars

Special Exam Night Workshop (2 Hours)

Total 8-12 Hours Total‍‍‍

Our Programs

MAT135 Seminars

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Concept Delivery

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Small Weekly Groups

You're a university student busy with the full course load schedule, extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs, volunteering, family and social life. However you want to maintain a good grade in your courses. If you're finding it tough to keep up with the rapid pace of university life while keeping ahead of your chemistry or math courses, then Small Group Tutoring maybe the solution for you!

Our Small Weekly Group Tutoring for Chemistry or Math is flexible and focused on "your needs" and "your schedule". In this program, you will be paired up with students with similar learning needs and meet with an instructor once a week. You'll get the benefits of learning from peers while working with a dedicated instructor. In small group tutoring students learn fast, study effectively and learn how to tackle the hardest problems from past term test/exams.

Weekly Class

Individual Tutoring

Individualized tutoring programs are available for most subjects. While some students need tutoring for 1 or 2 sessions, others may need a whole semester of private tutoring. Whatever your tutoring needs are, we have the option available for you.

The quality and skill of our instructor is what sets us apart from other companies. Our students see immediate and impressive rise in their grades after several sessions of private tutoring. Whether you're aiming to obtain a 75% or trying to get 90% our instructors will work with you until you reach your goals. We have instructors at every level.

1-to-1 Tutoring

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‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Study Resources

All Seminars come with the following

Comprehensive break down of all TRICKS, mechanisms & Past Test Questions

Step-by-Step Detailed Analysis of 8-10 Years of Past Tests/Exams Solutions

2-3 Course Study Packages (with Solutions)

Access to Online Study Centre

(tests & exams for multiple courses BIO120, CHM135/136, MAT135, PHY131)

200+ Test & Practice Questions

3-4 Simulated Practice Tests

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