Virlana Shchuka is a recent and outstanding addition to the TLS teaching team. As the TLS BIO130 Cell & Molecular Biology instructor, she loves to enrapture first-year students by personifying sub-cellular structures and molecules, thereby bringing “the beautiful, playful world of the cell to life” for them. Virlana is currently in her PhD research and studies her in Cellular & Molecular Biology. She has also completed her studies in English Literature at the University of Toronto.

Virlana has conducted research and worked in multiple labs in her undergraduate studies at University of Toronto. She has worked in the field of plant immunity in the Desveaux Lab, and also lead a project in murine genomics in Professor Mitchell’s lab. Following the completion of her undergraduate degree, Virlana is pursuing further research with hopes of later pursuing a degree in medicine and literary studies, all at the University of Toronto.

According to the TLS BIO130 winter class’s remarks, Virlana’s lectures are entertaining and enrich the students’ learning experience, being comparable only with TLS’s all-time finest instructors Dr. James T. Nguyen and Dr. Collin T. Nguyen. She continues to inspire students from all walks of life through her work as a teaching assistant for the second year molecular biology course.

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Virlana Shchuka BSc., PhD(ipr)


Doctor of Philosophy, Molecular Biology (University of Toronto)

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry (University of Toronto)

TLS Courses: BIO130, BCH210

Teaching Experience

TLS Instructor: Molecular Biology, BIO130

Private Instructor: Biology

Tutor, various university and high school science courses

Teaching Assistant, Molecular Biology Labs,  U of T.

Understanding  Biology to the sub cellular level

Research as the foundation for further knowledge & discovery

A life time of teaching excellence and inspiring students to pursue their passion and goals in life

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