Alvin Yang is currently completing his undergraduate degree at University of Toronto. He is specializing in Molecular Genetics‍‍‍. He has always been a strong Math & Statistics' student and believes that teaching and learning math should make sense. He has helped numerous classmates and peers overcome their struggle with statistics and math courses.

Although the mathematical calculations in Statistics is fairly straight forward, what drives students crazy are the conceptual questions and understanding what the laws and theorems really mean. Toshi will help the students tackle some of the trickiest conceptual questions, especially those in the final exams which drops most students’ mark by 10-15%.

Alvin had taken STA220 and has excelled in the course. Combined with his clear, articulate and excellent teaching skills, he knows how to prepare the students to succe‍‍‍ed in this course. Statistics is an important practice across every academic discipline, Alvin will ensure that all his students succeed and attain the goals they seek for in this course.

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Al‍‍‍vin Yang BSc‍‍‍‍‍‍(ipr)


‍‍‍Bachelor of Science, M‍‍‍olecular Genetics, Statistics (University of Toronto)

TLS Courses: STA220, STA221

Teaching Experience

TLS Instructor: Statistics, STA220, STA221

Math Instructor, High School & University aid help

Private tutor: Statistics, Math, Japanese Tutor for high school courses

Always seeking to help others with difficult subjects.

Student Goals are his top priority. Dedication and commitment to others.

Delivering complex concepts using numbers as foundations and pillars.

Making sure the hardest questions are answered first.

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