Dr. Ruby Sullan has been teaching the TLS CHM139 sessions for the past 5 years. She obtained her B.Sc. in Physical Chemistry (Cum Laude) in 2002 at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. She has taught for four years in the same university where she handled general and physical chemistry courses as well as a number of private tutoring sessions. In 2005, she was awarded a distinguished scholarship to the complete her Ph.D research the University of Toronto.

As an experienced Teaching Assistant and Instructor, she does not assume that her students already know the subject, instead, she sees to it that her students thoroughly understand every topic. Her dedication and hard work is evident through our program, and students benefit from her international experience. She always ensures that the subject material is delivered in a manner that is easily understood, relevant and applicable to test material.

She believes that the best way to fully grasp a topic is to understand the basic concepts. Dr. May has completed her Ph.D with the University of Toronto's Chemistry Department. She then went on to complete several Post Doctoral Fellowships with University of Colorado and Universite Catholique de Louvain in France. She is currently fellow at the Max-Planck Institute.  

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Dr. Ruby M Sullan BSc., PhD


Doctor of Philosophy (University of Toronto Medical School)

Bachelor of Science (University of Philippines)

Post Doctoral, Max-Planck Institute  (Germany)

‍‍‍TLS Courses: CHM139, CHM2‍‍‍20

Teaching Experience

TLS Instructor: Physical Chemistry, CHM139, CHM220

Lab Demonstrator, physical chemistry, UofT

Private Instructor & tutor, university physical chemistry courses, UofT

From humble beginnings to Cum Laude.

A teacher and world traveller. Always bringing her knowledge & smile along.

A deep conviction for student education.

Understands what it means to deliver complex material to a beginner.

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