Dr. Paris Lai is a graduate of the University of Toronto Medical School. He has been tutoring students in the fields of ‍‍‍‍‍‍chemistry, mathematics and sciences for over eight years. He has tutored CHM135 students for several years who have all ‍‍‍described him as knowledgea‍‍‍ble, energetic, and easy to follow. He teaches every concept from the basics and then teaches his students how to apply these concepts to solve new and complex test-style problems.

As a past Toronto Life Sciences student who completed the CHM135‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍‍course with an A+ grade, Paris has seen all of the different styles of test questions and walks his students through all the different ways that concepts will be asked. Paris has completed a wealth of education spanning 3 distinguished faculties. From Life Sciences to Professional programs such as Pharmacy and Medicine, Paris knows exactly what it takes to be successful at the University! He spent three years with the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Toronto before joining the Faculty of Medicine to pursue his Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) at U of T.

‍‍‍Paris is also a recipient of several academic awards during his studies at the University of Toronto. Paris hopes to share his wealth of knowledge in chemistry‍‍‍ with his students and simplify the material in such a way that his students will remember how to solve each and every type of chemistry problem taught to them.

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Dr. ‍‍‍Paris Lai‍‍‍‍‍‍ MD


Doctor of Medicine (University of Toronto Medical School)

Bachelor of Pharmacy (3 years, University of Toronto)

Bachelor of Science (University of Toronto)

TLS Courses: CHM135, BCH210, BIO130

Teaching Experience

TLS Instructor: Physical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology  CHM135, BCH210, BIO130

Private: Physical Chemistry

Private Instructor & tutor, university science courses

High School science instructor and private tutor

Physical Chemistry seen as an Art rather than complexity of science

Student experience is the highest priority on the agenda

Life Sciences, Pharmacy to Medicine

Integrating knowledge from various disciplines to enrich teaching

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