Dr. Mayrose Salvador received her BSc in Chemistry from the University of the Philippines and she completed her PhD at the University of Toronto, developing ultrafast laser techniques for nanomaterial characterization. She also completed Post-Doctoral studies at the University of Minnesota and at the University of Toronto, while working in optics.

Dr. Salvador has been enthusiastically teaching Chemistry for over 11 years. As an instructor, she likes to inspire students by drawing on her many years of solving real world research problems and turning some of those challenges into practical examples. To her, understanding the different learning styles and needs of her students are key to effective teaching.

Her passion for teaching Science led Mayrose to co-founding Pueblo Science, a non-profit organization aiming to increase science literacy in low resource communities by empowering teachers and student leaders. She firmly believes that bringing fun and hands-on experiments to young people will encourage them to take an early interest in science. She hopes that through her group’s efforts, in concert with science teachers and fellow classmates, every student will have the opportunity to receive the tools he/she needs to be part of the next generation of problem solvers and innovators.

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Dr. Mayrose Salvador BSc., MSc.,  PhD


Doctor of Philosophy, NanoChemistry (University of Toronto)

Masters of Science, Chemistry (University of Toronto)

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry (University of Philippines)

TLS Courses: CHM139, CHM220

Teaching Experience

TLS Instructor: Physical Chemistry, CHM139, CHM220

Private Instructor: Physical Chemistry

Tutor, university science courses

High School science instructor and private tutor

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