Maggie Xiao is pursing her MD at the University of Alberta. She graduated from the Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Specialist and Molecular Genetics Major programs at the University of Toronto, St. George with the Allan Gornall Testimonial Prize for the highest cGPA of a student graduating in Pathobiology, capping her constancy in academic excellence as a Provost Scholar at Trinity College.

She is a UofT scholar, which provides recognition to the University’s outstanding students on the basis of their average at the time of admission and has routinely achieved the grade of A-A+ in all the courses, scoring close to triple digits in the BIO120/BIO130 course pair.

Securing a NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award, Maggie has participated in research with faculty members since first year. Her interest in basic science and clinical research transpired in projects revolving around neurological pathways, Drosophila genomics, developmental psychology, cell-fate determination, and CPET prognostic performance in labs both on-campus and in hospital research institutions. She currently works with a nephrologist at SickKids investigating the association of illness severity markers with the onset of chronic kidney disease in children.

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Maggie Xiao BSc (ipr)‍‍‍


Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto

Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Specialist

Microbiology & Molecular Genetics Major (University of Toronto)

Doctor of Medicine (MD)., ipr

TLS Lead Instructor: BIO120, BIO130‍‍

Private Instr‍‍‍uctor & Tutor, University and High School courses (2012- Present)Instructor Xiao is completing her degree at U of T

Teaching Experience

TLS Instructor: Evolutionary Biology, BIO120

Private Instructor & tutor, University and High School courses

Never turning down an opportunity to help others

Never shying away from difficult challenges. Always pushing the limits

Humble is part of her genetic makeup

One of the only students in TLS history to score close to triple digit in every course she has touched

In Progress

She is an instructor of seven years, having worked with 200+ students one-on-one and in small groups focusing on standardized testing (MCAT) and exam preparations (any math or science discipline at the secondary and undergraduate level), as well as familiarizing students with academic and research opportunities.          

Maggie will be teaching the BIO120 course, thoroughly covering the course material and imparting effective ways of approaching past test and exam questions that have proved fruitful.

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