Jim Morfea completed his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering Science at the University of Toronto where he was awarded numerous scholarships for academic excellence. Jimmy has obtained superb academic achievements as an undergraduate in the Engineering Department and appeared on the Dean's List each year. He completed his professional experience with various multi national companies where he serves as a supervising staff and recruitment for incoming staff.

Jim has had over five years of experience teaching science and engineering mathematics. He is now currently teaching MAT 133Y1, ECO100 and MAT137Y1. Over the last five years, he has helped countless students. He enjoys teaching math while combining economic concepts to integrate classroom concepts with industry experience. Over the years, his students have describe him as a master of integration!

Outside of the classroom, Jim enjoys working in different sectors of the economy to further products to improve people' lives. Currently Jim serves a Manager at Sanofi Pasteur where he is responsible for multiple projects and ensuring that products are always innovative and at the cutting edge of technology. Jim hopes to bring this passion from the private industry into the classroom to excite students about a career in industry.

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Jim Morfea BASc


Bachelors of Applied Science, Mechanical Engineering (University of Toronto)

TLS Courses: MAT133, ECO100, ECO105

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From Engineering into Industry. At the cutting edge of Technology.

Math & Economics are intricately tied. At the heart of our economy...

Taking a closer look at Industry and the exciting things outside of the classroom environment.

TLS Instructor: Calculus, Economics


Private Instructor: Business math

High School science instructor and private tutor

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