Dr. Kendrick J. Li completed a Bachelors degree in Engineering Science (NanoEngineering Option) in 2005 and a PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Toronto. Currently Dr. Li is completing his research in the Chemistry Department at the University of Toronto. Dr. Li has had many years of teaching experience in the science and mathematics area, and has consistently held Teaching Assistant positions at U of T during the last five years.

Dr. Li is well known for his level of patience and dedication to his student's success. He has been involved in various graduate and undergraduate seminars and student education. He is currently working as an Innovative Fellow with the Institute of Optical Science at the University of Toronto where he mentors students from the Life Sciences and Engineering programs. He also serves as a Project Manager within the department.

Dr. Li has spoken at numerous conferences about his research in Nanotechnology and surface science. He has also published extensively on his research. Dr. Li served as Chair of The Chemical Biophysical Conference held annually at the University of Toronto. Dr. Li continues devote his time, dedication and passion to furthering student education.

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Dr. James K. Li BASc., PhD


Doctor of Philosophy, Chemistry (University of Toronto School)

Bachelor of Applied Science, Engineering Science (University of Toronto)

TLS Courses: CHM139, CHM 135, CHM220, PHY131

Teaching Experience

TLS Instructor: Chemistry, Physics, CHM139, PHY131/132

U of T, Teaching Assistant:

CHM139F/S Tutorials & Labs: Chemistry-Physical Principles

CHM220F Tutorials: Physical Chemistry for Life Science

CHM327S Labs: Experimental Physical Chemistry

CHM151Y 2 lectures (substitute): Chemistry The Molecular Science instructor

Tackling Innovation & Technology while mentoring future professionals

Devoting more than a decade to educating of university students

A passion for research and development. His work reflects his vision for the future

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