Gavin Mohan is in constant stride to remain ahead of his time. By the start of his university career, Gavin had worked his way up to managerial roles of three companies simultaneously. He has acted as general manager in sales, entertainment director for major theme parks and head choreographer for multiple dance agencies. This ambition led him to U of T, St. George campus. Out of all the first year life sciences, it was the elective of Psychology that Gavin became most passionate about. As readings quickly became leisure, Gavin used his interest to achieve a 95% grade in PSY100.

He went on to specialize in the field, excelling in a vast array of courses ranging from social psychology to neuropsychology. This success has allowed Gavin to acquire a research placement within Mount Sinai Hospital where he currently works on a seasonal basis. Last, but definitely not least, working with TLS since first year has gave Gavin the pleasure of sharing his experiences with students of the next generation. It brings him great joy to do so on a professional basis as a TLS PSY100 Instructor.

Even though all of Gavin's work may take a while, he believes that versatility is a necessity for completing this endeavour. Gavin continues to make an impact in people' lives throughout his daily work. He is the Creative Director at Ripe Records and enjoys every moment of bringing happiness to the lives of others.

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Gavin Mohan BSc., MSc


Master of Science  (University of Toronto)

Bachelor of Science (University of Toronto)

TLS Courses: PSY100

Teaching Experience

TLS Instructor: Introductory Psychology PSY100H1

Private Instructor: Psychology

Private Tutor, university courses in psychology

High School private tutor

As striving to stay ahead of time. Ambitious pursuit of excellence

Continues to shape the lives of others through value creation

From student to Instructor and mentor for generations of TLS students. Bringing his style and unique work to the classroom

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