Dr. Collin T. Nguyen has been teaching the CHM135, CHM136, and CHM 247 sessions for over ten years. Dr. Nguyen is an incredible instructor with no limits. Our students has often referred to him as "One of a kind Genius", while knowing exactly what it is like to be in the student's shoes. He is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and approachable. He not only understands the material thoroughly, but can also convey its meanings effectively and articulately, turning dry and overwhelming material into that which is interesting.

In addition to his outstanding credentials, Dr. Nguyen has also gained admission to various other professional programs such as Graduate, Law and Dental School. During his medical training Dr. Nguyen has also gained international medical experience by completing an internship at the Harvard Medical School (HMS), Brigham Hospital, in the Department of Surgery. His teaching has been described as "Absolute Perfection".

His skills enable much time to be used working on the old tests and practice questions. In many years of teaching, he has seen all possible questions and can help students the best way to answer them; ensuring that students are fully prepared for the tests and exam. He teaches everything accurately from scratch and his numerous years of experience is evident in his lectures as he knows all the common mistakes students tend to make.

Dr. Nguyen's in depth knowledge of Chemistry, combined with his energetic and friendly personality makes chemistry easy and fun to learn. Dr. Nguyen has completed a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry Specialist) and a graduate degree in Synthetic Chemistry (Organic, Biomedical concentration) at The University of Toronto, before joining the Faculty of Medicine where he completed his Doctor of Medicine (M.D) at Toronto.

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Dr. Collin T. Nguyen BSc., MSc., MD


Doctor of Medicine (University of Toronto Medical School)

Master of Science, Organic Chemistry (University of Toronto)

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry Specialist (University of Toronto)

Intern (Harvard Medical School)

TLS Courses: CHM136, CHM247, BCH 210

Teaching Experience

TLS Instructor: Organic/Physical/General Chemistry, CHM135/136/247, BCH 210

Teaching Assistant: Organic/Physical Chemistry

University Science Instructor and Private tutor

High School science instructor and private tutor

Delivered more than 1000 seminars and classes to over 15,000 University students

A World Class Instructor with no limits when it comes to teaching

A Graduate of UofT Medical School.

Bridging the Gap between Medicine & Basic Sciences

An inspiring instructor. Always knowing exactly what students need to learn

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