Dr. Alin Cheran is currently a resident in General Surgery at prestigous Mt Sinai Medical Center in New York where he continues to treat and advocate for patient care. In his past time as a TLS Instructor, Dr. Cheran enjoyed teaching biochemistry to premedical students where he demonstrated how Biochemistry doesn't all have to be memorization. His articulate and skillful approach to teaching has made biochemistry fun and interactive.

Being heavily involved with research, Dr. Cheran has pursued multiple projects where basics science is applied to help solve medical problems. During his time with the Group, Dr. Cheran consistently ensure that TLS standards where to the highest level and student education was our mandate. As a part of the core teaching team at TLS, he has made a tremendous contribution to the program.

Today Dr. Cheran continues to mentor premedical students in their pursuit of a career in healthcare and medicine. He enjoys sharing his experience from the struggles of undergraduate courses to successfully gaining admission to medicine. Dr. Cheran will always be among one of the greatest Instructors at the Group.

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Dr. Alin Cheran BSc., MSc., MD


Doctor of Medicine,  (Ross University)

General Surgery Residency, Mt Sinai Medical Center, NY

Bachelor of Science, NeuroScience & Biochemistry  (University of Toronto)

TLS Courses: BIO130, BCH210

Teaching Experience

TLS Instructor: Biochemistry, BCH210

Private Instructor: Biochemistry

Tutor, various university and high school science courses

Understanding  Biology to the sub cellular level...

Research as the foundation for further knowledge & discovery

A life time of teaching excellence and inspiring students to pursue their passion and goals in life..

In Progress

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