Alethea Lee is now in her senior years at the University of Toronto and is majoring in Chemistry and Molecular Genetics. She has been tutoring, coaching and mentoring many young students in science since her senior high high school years. Her wealth of teaching and mentoring skills is reflected in her years of experience. As an undergraduate, she has always been eager to help other students and assist them in striving success through the course.

Physical Chemistry is undoubtedly one of the most difficult subjects that students would stumble upon. Alethea is passionate about Chemistry, especially in the field of Chemical Physics. She has participated in several Chemistry researches that focus on areas such as Astro-and Quantum Chemistry. Having successfully completed CHM222 and 223 with an A grade, Alethea has experience in tackling various styles of questions - from derivations to applications. She believes that simplifying complicate topics and gradually building up the foundation is the key to learning. She can’t wait to share the magic of Chemistry to her students in the best and most effective way.

Alethea has completed several Physical Chemistry research projects that focus on Astro and cold Chemistry. Most of her investigations are about how molecules behave in a space like environment, which is extremely cold and fill with an immense amount of UV radiation. Alethea is interested in the behaviour of these fundamentally essential biological molecules. She hopes to study how various conformers of these amino acids would behave and their photostability against UV irradiation. These findings could shed light on how life began and the evolution of our universe.

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Alethea Lee BSc(ipr)


Bachelor of Science, Chemistry & Molecular Genetics Major (University of Toronto)

TLS Courses: CHM220

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TLS Instructor: Physical Chemistry, CHM220

Tutor, Instructor: Physical Chem, CHM220

Private Instructor: General Sciences

Teaching and mentoring students has been a life long passion

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