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Question 1) How can I contact a representative from Toronto Life Sciences?

If after browsing our website and you still have unanswered questions, please feel free to send your questions to the following email. Our customer representatives will be happy to respond to your questions and concerns.

Email Address: admin@TLifeSci.com

Question 2) Where are the exam preparation Seminars held?

All seminars are currently held on the St. George Campus site at the University of Toronto. Seminars are usually conducted on weekends to accommodate most students' academic schedule. Furthermore, there will also be several alternative choices available during weekday evenings to accommodate those students who cannot make the weekend sessions.

Starting the Fall of 2016, TLS will also be holding sessions online for those who can not make the onsite seminars, we will be working our Partners from eTutorCloud‍‍‍ to‍‍‍ deliver and make seminars more accessible to all students, everywhere.

Question 3) How can I sign up and pay for the sessions?

‍‍‍‍‍‍Students are encouraged to use our online registration system. Registering online ensures that a seat will be reserved for you at the seminars. Our sessions are extremely popular, thus sessions get filled up quickly and we cannot guarantee that there will be any seats remaining on the day of the seminars. However, students are allowed to register at door on the day of the session if space permits.

To register, please go to: Sign-Up

Method of payment: All students are required to pay the full amount (cash payments only) on the day of the seminars. This includes students who register online and those who register at the door. Only students who register online are guaranteed seats are currently.

Question 4) Why should students choose TLS for term tests and exam preparation over other groups on campus?

The quality of exam preparation we provide is not only the best by words, but also backed by our Director's Full 100% Refund Guarantee. Through the excellence in teaching quality, extensive and comprehensive study material (constantly researched, updated and design to meet the system) our Board of Directors have approved a FULL 100% Refund to any student upon request if they are unsatisfied after attendance in any of our seminars. Our Program Directors' Guarantee attests to the quality of the service we provide and our management's trust in our instructors.

No hassles or questions will be asked. An onsite manger will happily assist you upon your request. Important Note:‍‍‍ Refunds can only be administered before a test, midterm or final exam is written. While our instructors go above and beyond to help prepare our students, we cannot guarantee performance, nor can we predict the exact questions that show up on the midterms or exams.‍‍‍

How successful a Test preparation group is depends largely on the success rate of their students. In general, after taking the program our students tend to score 2-3 letter grades above class average (i.e. In most university courses, the class average is usually a C-, students taking TLS preparation seminars on average score 80% or better). We have been consistently rated the #1 Test and Exam preparation group on campus. Many students have continuously expressed their gratitude to TLS for the higher marks they achieved after attending our sessions. Don't just take our word for it. See what your fellow classmates have to say: Student Testimonials.

Question 5) What can I expect from an exam preparation seminar with Toronto Life Sciences Group?

Our exam preparation seminars are uniquely designed to meet your specific course. The seminars are comprehensive and geared towards helping students achieve the HIGHEST marks possible. Every seminar is taught by an expert instructor who has many years of experience teaching preparation courses at the University level. Furthermore, our instructors are required to have taken your exact course themselves during their undergraduate studies (Who would know the course better than people who have actually taken the course?)

It is a company policy and requirement that all of our instructors' review the most current curriculum, thoroughly analyze and examine the most recent term tests, read the course text book and prepare course study packages that are written and customized to your exact undergraduate course. With over many years of experience in helping thousands of students succeed at the University of Toronto, we understand the teaching methods and testing styles of your professors.

Our instructors know what the crucial points are for each term test and exam. (Who better to prepare you than instructors who know and understand the system inside out?) Our sessions are highly energetic, productive and makes learning complex material EASY. We ONLY focus on material that are tested! The instructors will concentrate on essential key elements that will ensure your success. They will go through test/exam questions step-by-step and teach you all the vital tricks needed to ace your exams.

Toronto Life Sciences is not a general tutoring service. We are a professional company with expert instructors in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Our mission is to prepare students to achieve the highest possible grade that they can!currently held on the St. George Campus site at the University of Toronto.

Question 6) What Study materials do students receive from attending TLS Seminars?

Study Resources

All Seminars come with the following

Comprehensive break down of all TRICKS, mechanisms & Past Test Questions

Step-by-Step Detailed Analysis of 8-10 Years of Past Tests/Exams Solutions

2-3 Course Study Packages (with Solutions)

Access to Online Study Centre

(tests & exams for multiple courses BIO120, CHM135/136, MAT135, PHY131)

200+ Test & Practice Questions

3-4 Simulated Practice Tests

Question 7) Is the Toronto Life Sciences (TLS) Group affiliated with The University of Toronto?

The Toronto Life Sciences (TLS) Group is not affiliated with the University of Toronto in any way. However we are a private company that offers services at U of T. Our company was founded here at U of T when Graduate students, Post Docs, professional students (Medical, Dental, Pharmacy, Engineering, MBA and Law students) and undergraduates came together and worked on developing a systematic approach to meeting and overcoming the rigorous demands of university academics.

Question 8) Does TLS provide old exams?

We do provide practice and mock tests/exams for selected courses, this way there is no hassle chasing after them on campus. Each seminar course does provide students with multiple practice tests that replicate the actual term tests and final exams. You will also receive in-depth, step-by step full solutions for all of the term tests and exams provided.

Question 9) How can I find the time and location where my seminar course is being offered?

On menu bar in the top right hand corner of every page, there is a list of courses TLS is offering this semester. Simply click on courses tab to find the required information.

Question 10) Does TLS offer individual tutoring?

Yes we do offer Private Tutoring! In our private tutoring programs, the focus is all about YOU.  Private tutoring matches a knowledgeable, highly skilled and dedicated instructor who will focus on your needs. You will be able to select a time that's flexible for you and meet with your instructor at a convenient location on campus. This is the most convenient and customized private tutoring program available across campus. We have 2 different options for private tutoring. Please contact us at admin@TLifeSci.com‍‍‍ for further information.

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