Upcoming Seminars

Large Seminars

CHM136: Friday, Oct 1st (6 - 9 pm), SS2135

MAT135: Friday,  Oct 2nd (6 - 9 pm), BA1130

CHM139: Saturday, Oct 6nd (6 - 9 pm), MS2135


Upcoming Seminars


TLS seminars are specific and focused around the most challenging parts of each course. All seminars are designed to tackle the hardest and trickiest problems on tests & exams. TLS has delivered seminars to students for over 10 years on campus at UofT.

Small Group or 1-to-1 Tutoring

The Small Groups or Weekly classes are meant to keep up with the material as the semester progresses, this way there are no all nighters or intense cramming before midterms and finals. These are very popular options among those who are eager to stay ahead.

Instructors & Staff

Our Instructors are considered World Class in the Art of Teaching. Their skill level and quality of teaching is simply unmatched by any of our competitors. Our Staff and Instructors are the best in the business and complement the academic programs at TLS.

Seminars, Small Groups, 1-to-1 Sessions


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TLS Seminars?

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